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Chapter One




Nobody wants to be remembered as that set of silver cake forks off the gift registry, whiling away in a kitchen drawer and slowly disintegrating into a mismatched set of odd replacements.

Nor do you want to be known as the grandchild who always gave grandfather a pair of wooly knitted socks, for yet another milestone birthday. Rather, we all want to be acknowledged as the dear friend or relative who put a great deal of heart and consideration into a very special and personal gift.

With a knack for ensuing gasps of captivating ‘oohs’, adoring 'ahhs’ and often times a tear or two, when it comes to gift giving, Hark & Hare creates personalised illustrated memory books. 

Intended to be gifted on momentous occasions such as, weddings, milestone birthdays, births, bar and bat Mitzvahs, graduations and anniversaries. 

The books are a one-of-a-kind anthology of shared memories, heartfelt anecdotes, belly laugh stories, wishful prayers and tender poems, accompanied by beautiful and original hand-drawn illustrations of special moments.

These specially crafted, coffee-table books provide the perfect way to make a friend or family member feel truly honoured, celebrated, loved and important on their special day, with a gift that can only grow in value to become a treasured family heirloom in years to come.


Chapter Two


a brief outline of what is included within the book

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Each book is a collaborative gift between a group of individuals to be given to a special recipient. Therefore each double page spread is allocated to a different individual within the group. Every person will be able to submit a story, shared memory or any piece of writing of their choice, for the recipient to read, which will appear beautifully designed on the left page of their double page spread.


On the other page will be a custom, simple, and beautiful black and white illustration of their choice to accompany the text, which will be illustrated by our in house illustrator. Photographs of people, places, pets etc. make lovely choices to be translated into personal illustrations. We ask that photographs of such content are included alongside your submission of text, to be used as a reference.

All our books are professionally hand bound and covered, ensuring the absolute highest quality and care. All books are made to our standard coffee table size (300mm x 300mm). Every detail is considered. You will be able to customise aspects of the book's design; such as the colour of the cover material, the debossed and foiled design on the front, the monogram added to the cover, as well as some of the inner formats, such as the chapter headings and dedication page. All our books come packaged beautifully in either a wibalin or kiaat wood custom made keep-sake box.


Chapter Three


a guide to how the process will work


In order for this process to run smoothly, it is important to appoint one person from your group to be the organiser, who will be responsible for all liaisons.



Send us an email or fill out the contact form on our website here

If you are situated in Cape Town, we can set up a meeting over coffee, where you will be able to view a sample book and further discuss the details of your book. Alternatively, if you are outside of Cape Town the same can be done via Skype or over the phone.


The group leader will receive an introductory form for them to send out to their group members, introducing the Hark & Hare gift books.

It will then be the responsibility of the group leader to gather the money for the 50% deposit required to make a booking.




A 50% deposit will need to be paid in order to book your spot on the calendar.

There will be two other payment milestones throughout the process, each consisting of a 25% payment.


A welcome pack will be sent to your group leader, for them to share with the group. This will explain exactly what each person needs to do. The group leader will be in charge of gathering everyones' submissions and forwarding them to Hark & Hare by an agreed date.

Please note that the time-frame for the book begins once all these submissions are received.




Once everything is submitted to Hark & Hare,  the illustrating and design process can begin to bring your book to life.

Before the book goes to print and production, you will receive a watermarked proof to approve, the next 25% payment instalment will also be due at this stage. 



Once the book is ready for delivery the final 25% payment is due before hand over. You will receive a beautiful bespoke coffee-table book, packaged exceptionally, in a gorgeous keep-sake box.

Books can be hand delivered in Cape Town, and couriered or shipped to those situated outside of Cape Town.


Chapter Four


a cost breakdown


For more information on price structures for our books as well as our custom illustrated pieces , please pop us an email and we will send you our price list


Chapter Five

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